St Johns 1978 - 40th reunion


This page allows you to get in contact with the OJA in order to organise and receive assistance with regards to your year’s reunion. Common reunions celebrated are the following:

10 year

20 year

30 year

40 year

50 year

60 year

The Association is here to assist you with regards to the following:

  • Contact list for your year
  • Contact info for the Johannian Club
  • Contact info for St John’s College Tours
  • Contact info for Chapel services for your reunion
  • Supply you with the list of activities on Gaudy Day

Upcoming Reunions

The following reunions are scheduled to take place in 2019 and one in 2020.

If this is your reunion year listed below and you are interested in attending, kindly contact the reunion organisers directly. Alternatively contact Jana at the Old Johannian Association office on 063 358 5142 or e-mail her at

50 year reunion – class of 1970
Craig McFarlane
40 year reunion – class of 1980
Mark Morris
30 year reunion – class of 1990
Doug Jones
20 year reunion – class of 2000
Niko Patrikios
25 year reunion – class of 1995
Chris Patricios
15 year reunion – class of 2005
Guy Jackson
10 year reunion – class of 2010
Reabetswe Khumbane
John Geer

Recent Reunions