Annual General Meeting

Dear Member of the Old Johannian Association

Notice is hereby given that the 114th Annual General Meeting of the Old Johannian Association will be held on the 8th of December commencing at 18h00.
The Governing Committee would like to thank the members of the Association for their support in this endeavour. We believe that, in the interests of the school environment, the community that we serve, as well as the changing world we find ourselves in today, it is important that we move forward with another change in our Annual General Meeting – going Hybrid.

The Governing Committee welcomes this initiative and invites those of you whom are unable to participate in person in the Annual General Meeting of the Association to do so online. 

While every attempt is being made to ensure that this will be simple process, we ask that you follow the registration request via the link here. This way we can ensure that the correct platform is enabled and the invites are properly sent to attendees prior to the meeting.

You will also find the proxy voting forms, nomination forms and Abridged Financials in the attached notice of the meeting, along with the details for submission, should you wish to make use of them.

All queries can be sent to

Kind regards

The Old Johannian Association