Gaudy Day 2018

2020 OJ Eagle Award Nominations

The Old Johannian Association is excited to call upon the OJ community for nominations for the St John’s College Golden Eagle Award.The Eagle Award honours Old Johannians who have made a truly significant contribution to South African Society or the world.   The ethos of serving others in acts of selflessness service,...

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100 years Ago: St John’s College in 1920

"In 1920, cricket and association football (soccer) were compulsory games but boys were not allowed to play golf. This prohibition had been imposed by Fr Nash because he believed that the golf swing undermined batting technique," writes Dr Daniel Pretorius, Chair of the St John's College Heritage Committee. #SJCHeritage#LuxVitaCaritas CLICK HERE to...

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St John’s College & the Spanish Flu

Although we are living in challenging times as we face the COVID-19 pandemic, they are not entirely unprecedented in the history of St John’s College. We see from the Letter of 1918 written by Fr Clement Thomson CR that, 102 years ago, our College went through times probably more difficult...

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