1956 - SJC 60th Reunion

1956 & 1957 – 60 Year Reunion

St Johns has always filled me with the happiest of memories. Our recent 60th Reunion was no exception.

With Sandra and George of the Old Johannian Association as mentors and the Headmaster as guest of Honour, the day’s success was assured. Organising the day together was bitter sweet. Too many phone calls to old schoolmates went unanswered. But the 20 who graced the occasion represented with good humour and pride the classes of ’56 and ’57.

Having John and Dave Barrow, Grandsons of Albert Barrow, owner of the Barrow construction company deeply involved in the building of St. Johns added to the occasion. Of course, much has changed to the School’s physical plant. The Nash showers made us all smile. It now seems to have everything the student of today requires. Our group remembers the massive fund raising efforts initiated by Deane Yates and managed by Ronnie Grieveson and Mrs Babb that financed the building extensions. My contribution, one pound a month forever.

The overwhelming impression I gained was one of the “no nonsense” approach the College has to an Anglican education. “We have provided you with the tools now get on and finish the job to the best of your ability” resonates.

It filled us with commitment and pride knowing that we had been part of St. Johns. A schooling that had given us an invaluable start to our young lives.

It was evident too that St. Johns has robustly continued in its mission to educate young men and women of the highest calibre to play a meaningful role in an evolving South Africa


Class of 1957