Old Johannian Scholarship Fund

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A cost of just R260 per month by 80 Old Johannians over five years will fund a bursary for one boy to attend St John’s College. Imagine what we could do if each year group join forces and commits to the next generation of Johannians … 

The Old Johannian Association would like to play a more active role in creating the next generation of Johannians. We would like to activate the incredible power of the Old Johannian network and use this network to ‘pay it forward’ by being able to provide scholarships for young men to attend St John’s College through the Old Johannian Scholarship Fund.

Reunions as a force for good

Reunions form the foundation of the Old Johannian network. The year group from 2008 celebrated their 10th anniversary by making a meaningful contribution to the school and society. The group raised funds to put a student through St John’s College.  The privilege many OJs have had in attending St John’s College has played a meaningful role in building the foundations in their lives. What better way to acknowledge and celebrate this than by providing this opportunity to others?

Why this is important

In a massively unequal society such as South Africa’s, St John’s is a place of privilege. It is vital to embrace the responsibility that comes with privilege and proactively contribute to social change. Supporting and growing the Old Johannian Scholarship Fund represents a unique opportunity to do just that.

The idea

The Old Johannian Association, together with the St John’s College Foundation, encourages year groups to commit to supporting the Old Johannian Scholarship Fund on the milestone of their reunion year. The programme will support one student for five years. The programme aims to get five reunion year groups on board (those celebrating their 10-, 20-, 25-, 30- and 40-year anniversaries) every year for the next five years until we have 25 year groups on board.

After five years

Old Johannian Scholarship Fund recipients come from disadvantaged backgrounds and once they matriculate, will in most cases will not have the network we often take for granted. Here, our Old Johannians have the opportunity to mentor and support these young men as they make their way in the world. And hopefully, we will see these groups continuing to support the fund.

Make your difference

The Old Johannian Association our St John’s alumni to come on board, embrace your year group and, together, work towards giving our future leaders the opportunities we had to write our future. Pay it forward. Help us make this happen.

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The Model

Cost to you

Just R260 per month, based on an assumption of 80 contributors and a R250,000 per annum cost:

  •       An average contribution of R3,125 per annum or R260 per month is required
  •       After the Section 18A deduction (assuming a 40% tax rate), the annual contribution would be just R1,875 or R156 per month

* 8% assumed inflation