Gaudy Day 2018

Important Notice: Gaudy Day 2020

The St John’s Council, in consultation with the Old Johannian Association and school management, has decided that it would be prudent and fitting, given the priorities of the national lockdown and need to adhere to social distancing regulations, to postpone Gaudy Day and all its associated events for 2020. This has not been an easy decision, but one that has been taken to ensure that OJs who had planned to attend this year’s Gaudy Day celebrations and scheduled class reunions could revise their travel plans in good time. We appreciate that this will be a great disappointment to our OJ community as Gaudy Day is a cherished OJ tradition, and connects the OJ community and College in important and treasured ways. We will be working with the Old Johannian Association to find a way to celebrate the OJ family this year, but the formal Gaudy Day and its associated events will be postponed to 2021.