St John’s College #TogetherApart Winter Sports Webinar

Join us for the second part of our #TogetherApart series with the “Winter Sports Webinar” on Monday 1 June at 19h00 as we gain insight into school sport from some of the College’s highly-qualified and experienced coaches who have exposure at various levels of coaching from junior school to national.

The discussion will be mediated by Old Johannian, Council member and professor of sports medicine, Prof Jon Patricios, who will explore themes of sport’s benefits in the context of a broader education, leadership, mentoring, sporting careers and life lessons. These will be elaborated upon by the rich experience of coaches Garreth Ewing (Hockey), Katleho Lynch (Rugby) and Ross Pretorius (Squash).

Simply join us before 19h00 on Monday via

We look forward to seeing you there. #TogetherApart #LuxVitaCaritas