OJA/SJC Career Networking

OJA/SJC Career Networking – February 2017

On the 16th of February 2017, our OJA/SJC Career Networking Evening, a collaboration between the Old Johannian Association and St John’s College, was held at the Johannian Club. The aim of the initiative is three fold:

  • To introduce students to potential career paths, by providing deeper insights into those careers through professionals
  • To give students insights into the companies and industries represented by the different professionals
  • To allow students to network with professionals in their proposed careers and ultimately build life-long career contacts and mentors

OJs in the medical and Chartered Accounting fields gave our SJC students some insights into their chosen career paths and their journeys to get to where they are today…A very inspiring evening. Thank you OJs for ‘giving back to the school’!

The OJA would like to thank the following OJs for their inspiring talks to the Grade 11, 12 & Sixth Form students:

  • Chartered Accounting – Chris Patricios and Siphethe Dumeko. Unfortunately Graeme Marais could not attend due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • Medicine – Dr Bretton Woods, Dr Brad Hoffmann, Dr Marc Hauptfleisch and Dr Gregory Firth.

Pictured above from left: Dr Gregory Firth (Nash 1993), Dion Libera (SJC and an OJ 1985), Siphethe Dumeko (Thomson 1998). Dr Brad Hoffmann (Thomson 1980), Dr Bretton Woods (Hill 1993), Dr Marc Hauptfleisch (Clayton 1997) and Chris Patricios (Clayton 1995).

The general feedback from the students was that sessions such as these are very beneficial as they help provide a more realistic picture of what working in the various professions is like.

The OJA’s intention is to hold one Career Networking Evening per school term, with the next one focusing on a few additional careers.

If any OJs are keen to take part in this initiative and offer some guidance to the St John’s students in their chosen career, kindly contact the OJA office – info@oja.co.za.