OJA Career Evening_23June2016

OJA/SJC Career Networking – June 2016

The Old Johannian Association and St John’s College hosted the 2nd Career Networking Evening on the 23rd of June, 2016. The objectives of these Career Networking Evenings are:

  • To introduce students to potential career paths, by providing deeper insights into those careers through professionals
  • To give students insights into the companies and industries represented by the different professionals
  • To allow students to network with professionals in their proposed careers and ultimately build life-long career contacts and mentors

The theme of the evening was “Engineering & Entrepreneurship”. The attendees were a mixture of Sixth Form and Grade 11 and 12 students.

The OJA would like to thank the following OJs for their inspiring talks to the students:

  • Engineers: Lance Quiding (CEO, Integrated Aquaculture & Entrepreneur) and Irene Nyirenda – Inan (Technical Manager, GSE Environmental)
  • Entrepreneurs: Graham Wallington (CEO, Wildearth TV) and Tyrone “Tiff” Willemse (CEO Massiv Media)

Pictured above from left: Lance Quiding (Alston 1989), Irene Nyirenda – Inan (Sixth Form – Runge 2001), Graham Wallington (Hill 1988) and Tyrone “Tiff” Willemse (Nash 1989).

The OJs shared candidly about their career journeys, highlighting their successes and explaining what they learnt from their challenges and failures.

The students enjoyed the opportunity to engage in frank conversation with the OJs and hopefully have taken away some pearls of wisdom that will help support them in their future careers.