Knysna OJ luncheon - 14 Sept 2017

Garden Route (Knysna) OJ luncheon

A few months have passed since our great gathering at the Cruise Café in Knysna, found suitable for this historic occasion by Mike Dane. Folks are still talking about who looked older than whom and it was indeed a great occasion with fine food and palatable wine shared with school vintage sagas that have stood the test of time. As our age increases those wonderful school memories are easily recalled.

The proceedings were opened with a prayer by Rod Greville and a moments silence for those no longer with us. Our most recent loss was Gavin Downes (1949).

It was then all chatting, eating, drinking and singing before Ham thanked Ed for putting it all together. No one staggered out and the cutlery remained behind. We all look forward to the next one.


The following OJs were present at our gathering:


Ham Harrison 1951 Hill
Dave Matthews 1953 Nash
Denis Dunlop 1954 Nash
Rob Rainer 1954 Nash
Brough Coubrough 1955 Thomson
Allan & Audrey Howe 1956 Thomson
Mike & Margi Dane 1961 Thomson
Steve & Barbara Getliffe 1961 Thomson
Iain & Louise Chancellor Madison 1963 Nash
Ed & Sally Cutten 1966 Thomson
Bert & Brenda Evans 1966 Thomson
Rod & Peta-Ann Greville 1966 Nash
Graham & Stella Mellor 1966 Clayton
William Macnae 1970 Hill
Andy & Margi Dane 1967 Thomson
Peter & Margaret Brown 1968 Clayton
Graeme Huddy 2001 Clayton


House attendees:

This time around the day boys certainly out shone the borders with Thomson undoubtedly clear winners.


1st Thomson 13 present
2nd Nash 5 present
3rd Clayton 4 present
4th Hill 2 present


Ed Cutten

(Thomson 1966)

Event organiser